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Profit Motivators, Inc. is proud of the companies we represent. We treat each vendor with ultimate priority, because reaching sales goals translates into success for our company, your company and our customers.

The following is just a sampling of the companies and product lines we represent:

  • Ideavillage - As Seen on TV Products

  • OnTel Products - As Seen on TV Products

  • TeleBrands - As Seen on TV Products

  • NVE Pharmaceuticals - OTC Supplements, energy shots and energy drinks

  • Windmill Health Products - OTC Supplements

  • Langley/Empire Candle - Candles

  • MagicJack LP - USB Phone Jack

  • ARA Food Corporation - plantain chips

  • Bisco Merica - Cookies

  • DGL - toys, drones and small electronics

  • ETNA Products - toys, pet accessories and small furniture

  • Max Sales Group - toys, HVC products, watches and other general merchandise

  • Merchsource - toys, games, drones and pet items

  • MMG - Plush items

  • World Tech Toys - remote control toys, drones and other toys

  • Yoyo - toys, squishies, slime, lip gloss

  • Zenergy - LED conversions

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